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TRIM Bulletins

TRIM, a nonpartisan, nationwide program of The John Birch Society, seeks to inform the electorate so that it will demand from the House of Representatives lower taxes through less government. The word "trim" is a verb, meaning "to remove the excess." The TRIM Bulletin reports on legislation that includes significant unconstitutional or excessive spending; or indicates a desire, or lack thereof, to restore constitutionally limited government and curb the welfare state.

The "Star" and "X" columns on the back page reflect the impact of votes on the bills listed. Occasionally stars (indicating a correct vote) are earned for the wrong reason, such as when a rep. opposes an excessive spending bill because it allegedly does not spend enough. In addition to votes on final passages, we also report on amendments that separate big-spenders from those who champion limited government.

Average Cost Per Household expresses incomprehensibly huge spending costs in units that more clearly reflect personal impact. The total cost of a bill or amendment (over the next fiscal year or the life of the bill, as stated) is divided by the approximate number of households in the U.S. These costs will be born through personal taxes and various forms of indirect taxes such as monetary inflation.

Spring 2005
See how Cliff Stearns voted on the following issues: Commerce, Justice, State Appropriations - UNESCO, Commerce, Justice, State Appropriations - UN Funding, FY2005 Agriculture Appropriations, FY2005 Foreign Operations - Millennium Challenge Account, Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations, Debt Limit Increase and Fiscal 2005 Omnibus Appropriations - Conference Report.

Summer 2004
See how Cliff Stearns voted on the following issues: Community Service Grants - Unemployment Benefits, Child Nutrition Programs, North American Development Bank, Fiscal 2005 Budget Resolution, Surface Transportation, Continuity of Congress, "Marriage Penalty" Relief and Ten Percent Tax Bracket.

Spring 2004
See how Cliff Stearns voted on the following issues: FY2004 Foreign Operations Appropriations, U.S. Chile Trade, VA-HUD Appropriations, Transportation-Treasury Appropriation - Election System Overhaul, Transportation-Treasury Appropriation - Amtrak Routes, Flood Insurance Reauthorization, Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit - Conference Report and Fiscal 2004 Omnibus Appropriations - Conference Report.

Fall/Winter 2003/2004
See how Cliff Stearns voted on the following issues: Estate Tax Repeal, Prescription Drug Benefit, Fiscal 2004 Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations, Agriculture Appropriations, State Dept. Authorization - Millennium Challenge Account, FY2004 Interior Appropriation - Arts and Humanities Funds and Commerce, Justice, State Appropriations - UNESCO Funds.

Summer 2003
See how Cliff Stearns voted on the following issues: Fiscal 2003 Omnibus Appropriations, Fiscal 2004 Budget, Energy Plan/Oil Consumption, Special Education, AIDS Relief, Tax Cuts and Unemployment Benefits.

Spring 2003
See how Cliff Stearns voted on the following issues: Education Tax Break, Rent-To-Own Contracts, Abortion Service Refusals, Churches and Campaign Activities, Use of Military Force Against Iraq, Election Overhaul, Community and Rural Health Care and Homeland Security.

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