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New Member Study Course

The following is a three-month basic study course for new members. Though it will not always be possible to see the recommended videotapes immediately, we strongly urge you to read and study the books in the order listed as soon as possible:

Book Checklist

  • The Blue Book
  • The Life of John Birch
  • The Life and Words of Robert Welch
  • The Law
  • Inside the United Nations
  • The Shadows of Power
  • Global Gun Grab
  • The Insiders

Videotape Checklist

  • Membership: Making a Difference
  • Education Is the Key
  • An Overview of Our World
  • UN Deception
  • The Insiders
  • Leadership in The John Birch Society
  • Behind the Big News

Although you will eventually want to build your own book and video library, you may be able to get started on your study course by borrowing some of the above materials from your chapter's library or from your Coordinator.

We are an educational army, fighting with facts. And, so, to be better informed is to be better armed.

The Truth Shall Set You Free!