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The Gainesville Sun Editorial
Published October 24, 2005

Bill will strengthen the U.N.

The United Nations was created in 1945 by global insiders to establish a world system of financial control in private hands, enabling it to dominate the political systems of each country and the world economy.

The Council on Foreign Relations, of which our U.N. ambassador Bolton is a member, created the United Nations. Currently there are over 500 CFR members in top positions of our government. CFR membership has dominated the cabinets of every president since Eisenhower.

Insiders would have us believe that global problems must have global solutions and therefore the United Nations will save us. The CFR controls all of the major media, and, through their influence, exaggerate the global problems to gain popular support. War, terrorism and environmental problems are just a few of their devices to con the public into believing that their solutions are the only hope to save the world.

The United Nation's history is one of corruption and genocide. Future plans include global taxation, the Law of the Sea Treaty, the International Criminal Court, and civilian and national disarmament. NAFTA, CAFTA, EU, IMF and the WTO are a sampling of the hundreds of strategies that have been implemented.

History is replete with conspiratorial usurpations, yet the neoconservative Rush Limbaugh has labeled such claims ridiculous. Subjects in Russia, China and Eastern Europe would likely disagree.

Our constitutional republic has been formidable and frustrating to the "one-world" agenda. The United Nations Reform Act, which Congressman Cliff Sterns voted for, will actually strengthen the United Nations. Please urge Sterns to support HR 1146 and to get us out of the United Nations. For more information please see

Lloyd W. Bailey Jr.,

The Gainesville Sun Editorial
Published July 6, 2005

CAFTA won't benefit U.S.

The Senate approved CAFTA by a vote of 54-45 on Thursday. This will be presented to the House in July and will be a close vote.

CAFTA is not a trade benefit to the U.S. but will foster the loss of more American jobs.

The entire domestic output of the CAFTA nations - Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic - is less than that of New Haven, Conn.

With half of the population earning about $2 per day, it is absurd to suggest that this would benefit the U.S.

As NAFTA has clearly demonstrated, these trade agreements are not beneficial to the U.S. They have a history of unfair regulations against the U.S. while favoring other countries. CAFTA will only serve the interests of global insiders as another stepping stone to the FTAA and hemispheric government.

As governments become larger, freedoms are reduced. Congress does not have the constitutional right to subject U.S. citizens to the authority of outside interests, but this could happen if enough Americans do not get involved immediately.

CAFTA is a threat to our independence. We will be subservient to the CAFTA free trade commission and the WTO. The NAFTA tribunal has already overruled the U.S. Supreme Court.

Please read the CAFTA agreement on or The CAFTA agreement, in the preamble and in chapters 10, 11 and 19, clearly reveal what this agreement is really about.

Free trade is only the bait on the hook of government tyranny. Free trade is more likely to be accomplished by less government rather than more.

Please contact Congressman Cliff Stearns' Ocala office at (800) 888-7743 and request that he vote no.

Lloyd W. Bailey Jr.,

The Truth Shall Set You Free!